Month: April 2016

Accepting The Right Offer

There are many stages to a successful real estate flip. Most investors feel that once they complete the work on the property their job is over.  In many respects the job is only just beginning.  You can do everything right from start to finish but you still need to get your property sold.  Selling for Read More …


Helpful Hints To Maintain Your Credit Score

Your credit score is something that you cannot take for granted. You may only use credit a handful of times a year but when you do you need your scores to be strong.  A poor credit score will increase interest rates, fees and may even cause your application to be denied.  Conversely strong scores give Read More …


Lender Approval Made Easy With 3 Simple Steps

There are more loan financing options than ever before. Between hard money, private money and personal capital it is easy to forget about traditional lender financing.  Even though banks have gotten a bad rap over the years they are still a very attractive financing option.  The near record low interest rates alone make them a Read More …