Month: April 2015

Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate?

Many options are available for home mortgage, the two most common being fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage. Both offer users unique advantages, but both also have a disadvantage or two. Which one, if any, suits you best is a pertinent question, one that demands research and some thinking over. Choosing the most appropriate mortgage Read More …


7 Sources for Funding Your Investments

    The only piece of the puzzle that remains difficult for many real estate investors and home buyers to find appears to be financing. Debates continue to rage in the media over whether access to credit is becoming more easily accessible or more elusive. However, for now, the following financing options continue to offer much Read More …


Smart House Hunting in Orange County, California

    At long last, after a couple of years renting a place with your new bride, you’ve both decided to buy a home because you’ve also made up your mind to start raising a family. Great!  You can’t imagine the amazing, love-oozing feeling you’d get from little children running around the house. And precisely Read More …